What is edible cookie dough?

Edible cookie dough is cookie dough that is safe to eat as it is!

How? Aren’t there raw ingredients cookie dough that are unsafe to eat?

Absolutely not! We do this by heat treating our flour and removing the harmful raw ingredients (eggs) to bring your this delicious and safe-to-eat treat!

Are your products halal?

Our products are not certified halal, but they do not contain pork, lard, or alcohol; even the sanitizers we use on our equipment are specially made alcohol-free!

[TAKEAWAY TUBS] How long does your Doh last?

Not for long in our own fridges (oops), but if you’re asking about shelf-life, our Doh can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 month, and in the freezer for up to 3 months! Just remember to use a clean spoon to scoop our Doh up from the tub! Please note that natural drying will occur in the fridge unless you use an airtight container.

Doh does not like warm temperatures and might soften during transportation. Pop them back into the freezer and they’ll be back to awesomeness in no time!

If you’re storing our Doh in your freezer, we suggest moving it down to the refrigerator before consumption for maximum enjoyment!

What are the payment options available AT YOUR STOREFRONT?

Currently, we accept payment via Cash, Paynow, and PayLah!. We are looking to offer more payment modes shortly!

I wish your cookie dough came in _______ flavour?

We’d love to bring your ideas to life. Write to us at with your suggestions and we’ll endeavour to reply you as soon as possible!


Yes! For corporate orders, events or larger-quantities of our Doh, kindly drop us an email at

Do place your orders at least 24 hours in advance as our Doh require time to make and cure before it is ready for scooping!

CAN you customise DOHKIE for MY PARTY?

Yes! Write to us at with your party requirements and we will work together to make your Doh come true.

Any other enquiries/feedback

We’d love to hear from you! Write to us!